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Managing New Products: Using the MAP System to Accelerate Growth (Third Edition)
by Thomas D. Kuczmarski

Managing New Products: Using the MAP System to Accelerate Growth (Third Edition)

The right new products program can produce exponential growth..if all the pieces are in place. And that's what this all-new edition of Tom Kuczmarski's landmark book does. It broadens and deepens the message of previous editions with the introduction of a new approach whose greatest strengths are its simplicity, effectiveness, and proven results.

Called the MAP System, it provides a detailed guide to the secrets of developing a consistent stream of winners--sometimes even the kind of breakthrough product innovation that creates an entire new business unit or industry. It outlines the disciplined approach to creativity and newness that begins by determining customers' needs and wants and by developing the internal culture that encourages the creative decision-making needed to make real innovation happen.

The MAP is a way of organizing for new product innovation by looking differently at the skills and tools that are already in every organization--but too often under-used or not used at all.

Key elements include:

M - for Measure, Manage, and Motivate
A - for Attitude, specifically for developing and Attitude or Culture of Intelligent Risk-Taking
P - for Plan, Process, and People

Arming yourself with the best market information, developing a risk-embracing culture, and organizing around a plan that reflects both: these are the essential elements of new product success.

In this all-new edition, the author shows how to marshal a company's assets for greater growth and profitability. From conducting diagnostic audits to structuring new product blueprints and strategies through successful product launches to measuring and motivating team performance, this book will give you the tools for managing new product risk more creatively, improving your new product hit rates, and managing your programs more effectively.

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