“When bankers get together for dinner they discuss Art. When artists get together for dinner they discuss money.”

—Oscar Wilde

Our Store features many innovation tools.

Our Video Programs teach the proven techniques of intentional innovation.

Our Workshop Trainings help organizations weave innovation into their everyday activities and consistently inspire the best from everyone on their team.

Our Strategy Sessions are immersive, entertaining, no-holds-barred experiences that deliver surprising new solutions.

We Speak at Events conferences, trade shows, and other keynote gatherings.

We’re located in Bend, Oregon’s historic Old Mill District. Contact Info...

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About: “iBox®”

“Created by the Innovation Center, the iBox® can help companies solve difficult problems, figure out new ways to market products and even come up with a new product all together.”
—Commerce Magazine

We're located in Bend, Oregon's historic Old Mill District

The Innovation Center is a non-profit think tank. Since 1990, the Innovation Center has been helping individuals and organizations discover and launch their future through creativity and innovation.

The Innovation Center is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation funded by grants, private businesses, and public sources.

Our facilities are located in the heart of the Old Mill District.

The Innovation Building
Bend, OR 97702



Mailing Address:

The Innovation Center
P.O. Box 8759
Bend, OR 97708

Driving Instructions:

Take the Bend Parkway.

Off at Reed Market (head west).

Right at first roundabout, onto Bond.

On right, at corner of Bond and Wilson.

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