“He who is not busy being born is busy dying.”

—Bob Dylan

Our Store features many innovation tools.

Our Video Programs teach the proven techniques of intentional innovation.

Our Workshop Trainings help organizations weave innovation into their everyday activities and consistently inspire the best from everyone on their team.

Our Strategy Sessions are immersive, entertaining, no-holds-barred experiences that deliver surprising new solutions.

We Speak at Events conferences, trade shows, and other keynote gatherings.

We’re located in Bend, Oregon’s historic Old Mill District. Contact Info...

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About: “Innovate to the Future”

“The Innovation Center's unique approach to business development and goal setting is effective. Bringing diverse opinions to the table puts a fresh spin on the situation. A positive way to create the edge successful businesses look for.”
—Kathy Deggendorfer
ArtWorks, Sisters, Oregon

Our i2F strategy sessions deliver surprising new solutions


Let us transform your next retreat, session, or gathering into an immersive, entertaining, no-holds-barred journey— that will deliver surprising, new solutions for your organization.

Our approach is based on years of solid, proven behavioral science. It optimizes precious event time, and keeps participants engaged and thinking.

i2F Anthropologist

By innovating to the future, you will:

  • Uncover game-changing business models and strategy
  • Ask the right questions and get better results
  • Consider factors which may alter the basis on which you compete
  • Look where your competitors aren’t— by identifying early trends that are still largely unnoticed
  • Build your leadership team’s confidence to challenge business and industry norms
  • Collaborate and inspire your group to reach consensus about the future and the best actions to take
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    We don’t plan ordinary meetings. We produce interactive experiences that blend innovative techniques with carefully selected exercises and tools— including compelling audio and video material.

    i2F Session

    Let us help you revolutionize the way you attack problems and develop new solutions.

    i2F Wheelbarrel