“Theory is knowledge that doesn't work. Practice is when everything works and you don't know why.”

—Hermann Hesse

Our Store features many innovation tools.

Our Video Programs teach the proven techniques of intentional innovation.

Our Workshop Trainings help organizations weave innovation into their everyday activities and consistently inspire the best from everyone on their team.

Our Strategy Sessions are immersive, entertaining, no-holds-barred experiences that deliver surprising new solutions.

We Speak at Events conferences, trade shows, and other keynote gatherings.

We’re located in Bend, Oregon’s historic Old Mill District. Contact Info...

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About: “Innovation is a Verb!”

“The Innovation Center® has made it their business to help organizations foster cultures that promote innovation.”
Idaho Small Business Development Center, Boise, Idaho

Our workshop trainings teach the proven techniques of intentional innovation

With the right tools and systems, everyone can boost their creativity. Using our proven techniques, you can develop game-changing innovations.

Hot/Not Voting

Personal Innovation Toolbox
With the right gear, you can prepare your mind to continually think, rethink, and reinvent strategies, models, structures, systems, and relationships.
6P Innovation®
Many think of innovation as a new product. But in fact, Innovation can center around promotion, pricing, place, people, process— and product.
Overcoming Fear & Managing Risk
Most appreciate innovation’s importance, but few actively pursue it because the inherent risks induce a fear of failure, stifling creativity.
Creating a Culture of Intentional Innovation
Venture Capitalists view thousands of unsolicited proposals each year. How many proposals do you see each year?

Whether for yourself or your organization, you’ll discover how to weave innovation into your organizations’ everyday activities— to consistently inspire the best from everyone on your team.


We know that great meeting space is difficult to find— because we looked. Although elegant, most meeting rooms lacked the most basic requirements: adequate audio, video, whiteboards, and flexible seating.

Ultimately, we had to design our own event facilities. And now they’re available to streamline your organization’s meetings, workshops, and conferences.

Practically Perfect

iRoom Seating

Like others, we use adjectives like “stylish, comfortable, and convenient” to describe our event facilities. But we back them up with nuts n’ bolts innovation. Like state-of-the-art furnishings you can rearrange on-the-fly during your event to accommodate break-out groups. Or an army of whiteboards that quickly glide in/out at your discretion. And crisp plasma screens, bright enough for the guys in the back to see your presentation in all its glory.

We designed our conference facilities for the most demanding audience: ourselves. Your event will seem effortless thanks to our furnishings, technology, experience, and extraordinary attention to detail.

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The iRoom at the Innovation Center

Tired of washed-out, hard-to-see, projected presentations? We were too. So we went to plasma screens. All furnishings are on wheels, and can be easily reconfigured during your event to form smaller breakout groups.