“You have to do your own growing no matter how tall your grandfather was.”

—Abraham Lincoln

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About: “Free Radicals of Innovation DVD”

“The Free Radicals of Innovation has proven to be a vital tool in assisting clients to generate fresh ideas and perspectives.”
—Barry Eligon, Managing Director
Aegis Management Solutions Limited, Port of Spain, Trinidad, W.I.


The New Rules of Marketing: How to Use One-to-One Relationship Marketing to Be the Leader in Your Industry
by Frederick Newell

The New Rules of Marketing: How to Use One-to-One Relationship Marketing to Be the Leader in Your Industry

“Fred Newell has pulled together the basic principles for marketing in the 21st century. The year 2000 is just around the corner. DonOt wait until then to update yourself.“ NStanley Marcus, Chairman Emeritus, Neiman Marcus. Fred Newell, “The Father of Database Marketing,“ shows in The New Rules of Marketing how you can use dramatic new techniques and strategies to learn everything possible about your customers...and leverage that information into dramatically increased sales! Written in fast-moving and humorous style, NewellOs book is packed with actual examples and case histories that explain: How to discover the powerful needs and desires that every customer tries to hide; 5 important consumer trends that will impact the marketing scene well beyond the year 2000; a step-by-step guide to building your own database marketing program; and the 5 new century consumer trends that will change marketing forever. Database marketing pioneer Fred NewellOs The New Rules of Marketing reveals the new technologies you will need to uncover and analyze your customersO invaluable wants and needs, and shows you how to design your marketing efforts to cater to each and very customer!

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