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Beyond Entrepreneurship : Turning Your Business into an Enduring Great Company
by James Collins

Beyond Entrepreneurship : Turning Your Business into an Enduring Great Company

According to the authors, any person involved in leading or transforming a business, should focus on 5 dimensions. In order to become truly successful, you should achieve a great performance on each dimension.These dimensions are:

1. Leadership Style 2. Vision, values and corporate culture 3. Strategy 4. Innovation 5. Tactical Excellence

There is a chapter for each point which are full of practical examples and stories about successes and failures.

Collins and Lazier wrote this book for those who seek answers to questions such as these:

1. What kind of leadership must you provide to your organization so that it will achieve the performance, impact, reputation, and longevity it needs...not only to succeed but to sustain that success?

2. How can you formulate an appropriate vision for your organization and then galvanize the commitment and efforts of others to achieve that vision?

3. What are the tough decisions to be made when selecting those strategies which are needed?

4. Meanwhile, what must be done to create and then sustain a culture within which innovative thinking is not only encouraged but nourished?

5. What is “tactical excellence“? What must be done to create an environment within which it is achieved and then (once again, a key word) sustained?

If you need answers to these questions, Collins and Lazier provide them.

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