“Companies will thrive on the basis of their stories and myths. Companies will need to understand that their products are less important than their stories.”

—Rolf Jensen, Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies

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“Working with Bob Newhart & the Innovation Center helped our group move away from what had become a traditional moment in time Retreat to a Strategy Session which invigorated all participants.”
—Michael J. Gonsalves, CEO
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101 Creative Problem Solving Techniques: The Handbook of New Ideas for Business
by James M. Higgins

101 Creative Problem Solving Techniques: The Handbook of New Ideas for Business

This book in my opinion will enhance your thinking process in terms of exercising your own creativity to solve business problems. The tools in this book can be used to bring out your own originality and expressiveness in seeking solutions.

The author James M. Higgins, gives real life examples of Giant Corporations that have used one or more of these problem-solving techniques.

The 101 techniques described in this book are broken down to by problem solving stages: environmental analysis, recognizing and identifying problems, making assumptions, generating alternatives, making choices and implementing solutions. Each one of these processes is described in detail with graphics and, some chapters will have exercises that are deemed helpful in understanding the technique.

The techniques are presented in alphabetical order and are numbered twice, the first number denotes the techniques position from 1 to 101, and the second number is the techniques position within that section of the problem-solving model.

Chapter 4 which focused on individual techniques is the one that many find to be most helpful... with techniques that you can use on your next project.

There are many techniques to try in this book, some of these techniques you may not like, others won't fit, but overall this is a handy book to use for your problem-solving efforts.

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