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Metheny Mehldau Quartet
from Nonesuch

Metheny Mehldau Quartet

Quartet expands upon the “dream pairing“ - begun by guitarist Pat Metheny and pianist Brad Mehldau on their 2006 Nonesuch collaboration, Metheny/Mehldau. This time they incorporate the members of Mehldau's trio, bassist Larry Grenadier and drummer Jeff Ballard, into a breathtakingly eclectic set, which ranges from the airy, pastoral “Don't Wait“ to straight-up rocking in the slowly building “Towards the Light.“ Last year, London's Evening Standard described Metheny and Mehldau as “graceful, lyrical improvisers...It's a duo performance that deserves to tour.“ Now the pair is indeed hitting the road, along with Mehldau's two band-mates, in March for a month of shows throughout North America in support of Quartet. The 11 tracks that comprise Quartet were cut during the week-length December 2005 session at Manhattan's Right Track that yielded Metheny /Mehldau, a recording date that, over time, will surely be considered a landmark in contemporary jazz. On Quartet, each artist contributes original solo compositions as well as their first co-written piece, “A Night Away.“ The group also reworks Mehldau's “Fear and Trembling,“ which originally appeared on House On Hill, Mehldau's final outing with his previous trio lineup. It also interprets Metheny's “Marta's Theme,“ from his score to the 1998 Italian film, A Passage to Paradise. Quartet is perhaps even more adventurous and just as rewarding as their first release; the exhilarating back and forth between Metheny and Mehldau continues with their eagerly awaited live dates.

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