“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.”

—Anatole France

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“It loosened my ideas to a more positive, 'can do' attitude.”
—Olivia H.
State Department of Labor & Employment


I Sing the Body Electric
from Sony

I Sing the Body Electric

This album has phenomenal moments! The original idea of Weather Report, in Joe Zawinul's words, was that “we're always soloing and never soloing“--meaning that the music was improvised, but the improvisations were geared toward the overall composition, not flashy displays of show-off technical virtuosity. Added to this was Zawinul's strong compositional bent; for him, a composition wasn't just head/solo/head, i.e. a vehicle for soloing, it was a setting, a story, a drama, albeit a very “atmospheric“ tale, but that was part of the style of the era. Listen to Zawinul's “Pharoah's Dance“ on “Bitches Brew“ and you'll hear the same approach at work.

Get the album, if you don't like the studio concepts you'll be impressed by the live performance. And maybe you'll like both approaches.

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