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Cross-Cultural Business Behavior (Marketing, Negotiating and Managing Across Cultures)
by Richard R. Gesteland

Cross-Cultural Business Behavior (Marketing, Negotiating and Managing Across Cultures)

The second edition is an enhanced version of the original book - a practical guide for international business people who sell, manage and negotiate across cultures. Written in clear, concise English, “Cross-Cultural Business Behavior“ is based on the author's 35 years of hands-on experience doing business all over the world.

Part One organizes international business customs and practices into logical, easily understood patterns so as to enable the international manager to conduct business successfully around the world. The text contains dozens of examples, anecdotes, diagrams and cases to illustrate and clarify its key points.

Part Two presents 32 unique Negotiator Profiles designed to prepare the business visitor to conduct effective negotiations in the world's major markets.

The book concludes with a valuable Resource List which guides the reader to a wealth of information on cross-cultural business.

The first edition proved to be popular with practicing managers as well as universities and colleges around the world. Translated into German, Polish and Lithuanian, it has been adopted as a textbook by more than a dozen business schools in the U.S., Denmark, Norway, Hungary and Lithuania.

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