“Opportunities multiply as they are seized.”

—Sun Tzu

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About: “Innovation is a Verb!”

“It was a great presentation –– lots of great ideas we can run with!”
—DeAnna Burnett Keener
Small Business Assistance Center, Auburn, Washington

Success Story: Free Radicals of Innovation DVD

Helped Florida business grow from $17m to $48m

We have used this product with, I would guess, five clients since we purchased it. The client’s reaction to the program is always one of immediate alignment, saying “yea, that’s exactly what we’re not doing”, or something to that effect.

One client example comes immediately to mind, a Florida based company that was doing $17 Million annually. We were tasked to develop a collaborative senior staff team and a rapidly deployable, three-year strategic plan. We felt the process of building an innovation competency was an excellent way to select opportunities based on the client’s ability to bring innovative solutions to their customers.

A combination of a highly advanced senior staff team, strategic focus and a continuous effort to build an innovation competency moved this organization from a profitable $17 Million to an even more profitable $48 Million in three years. We employed the Free Radical Program and felt it a very important part of assisting this client with identifying what an innovation competency was, how to build one and how to make it a part of the company’s culture.

I would recommend everyone look at this Program, it is a great icebreaker and a fantastic intro into the need for innovation.

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