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—Mahatma Gandhi

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About: “Free Radicals of Innovation DVD”

“The video series makes you look at your own business practices and reassess how you could introduce some of the creative tools to break out and be true creative innovators.”
—Stan Chudzik, Senior Industrial designer
Goody Products, Inc. -- A Newell Rubbermaid Company, Atlanta, GA

Success Story: Free Radicals of Innovation DVD

Creative tools to break out and be true creative innovators!

Those participants in attendance were representatives of many departments of our business – product engineers, industrial designers, marketing managers, product managers, retail channel managers, marketing communications, financial advisors, accounting, customer service, manufacturing engineers, plant supervisors, etc. Overall, I believe many in attendance believed the video series made them look at their own business practices and reassess how they could introduce some of the creative tools to break out and be true creative innovators. I know many participants like the 6 “P”’s of innovation and the examples. I know our product development platform team members really enjoyed the segment about “suspending judgment” on ideas & products. I believe this video series allowed our platform teams to challenge our executive staff on the validity of using a “stage-gate” development process in evaluating potential innovative concepts, since many decision/judgments may not fall in the convenient “stage-gate” process and that the “stage-gate” process does not create a platform for generating new concepts and innovations. There were many chuckles about the segment illustrating that experience comes sometimes from bad judgment and that management should not crucify failures, but definitely learn from them. I can say that now many ideas and concepts are now coming from just about every facet of the business- ideas have flowed from the plant floor team members & from purchasing and channel colleagues to the product development teams on real consumer frustrations that we have been able to capitalize on with new innovative product. We have installed a “Raise the Bar” audit after many meetings, product launches, day-to-day interactions in training, communicating, etc. I also know our teams are trying to fully take advantage of opportunities that present themselves. The biggest and most important take-away is always keep observing our world for changes that can lead to opportunities.

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