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About: “Free Radicals of Innovation DVD”

“I would recommend everyone look at this Program, it is a great icebreaker and a fantastic intro into the need for innovation.”
—Robert Nauheimer, Partner
Prism Strategic Services, Inc., Belmont, North Carolina


The Innovation Premium: How Next Generation Companies Are Achieving Peak Performance and Profitability
by Ronald S. Jonash

The Innovation Premium: How Next Generation Companies Are Achieving Peak Performance and Profitability

In The Innovation Premium, two experts with Arthur D. Little show how some of the world's best companies boost shareholder wealth by continually coming up with new products and services and ways of doing business. Ronald S. Jonash and Tom Sommerlatte look at Lucent Technologies, Nokia, Sun Microsystems, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Pfizer, Canon, Boston Scientific, DaimlerChrysler and others that rely on innovation to drive growth and profits. They write, “More than a change of leadership, more than a merger or an acquisition, more than a renewed commitment to cost reduction, investors consistently reward--and pay a premium for--innovation.“ Their main message: A new breed of technology managers is sparking innovation by freeing company researchers to work hand in hand with customers, suppliers, partners, and even competitors. Nokia, for example, used this approach in transforming itself into the largest mobile-phone company in the past decade, and Lucent did the same in developing a lucrative modem chip for DSL high-speed Internet use. The stocks of both companies also exploded. In a global survey of 669 companies, the authors found that companies can spur innovation with clear management support for generating new ideas, a chief technology officer with executive clout, strong cooperation between marketing and technology departments, and a free flow of information. An illuminating and easy read, The Innovation Premium is for business leaders seeking ways to develop and manage innovation in their organizations. --Dan Ring

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